Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Day 1:October 2013 P.A.D

I was really excited about participating in Oct 2013 Project A Day, an event on facebook. I got right up and got busy on my project.  

For today's project I decided on an altered candle. I am redoing the main little bathroom and I decided to make some decor. I have had this beat up candle literally for years. It needed to go in the trash bin, or get a much needed makeover.  Guess the makeover won out. I think it turned out super cute. 

Here is a step by step

 It started out as a green candle

Since it is for decoration only and I have 
no intentions of burning it, I gave it a
 couple coats of grey acrylic paint.

I picked out a few papers from my 
stash that fits into my color scheme.

I wrapped them around the candle and glued 
the edges together. Then added some canvas 
twine to finish it off.  I also painted the brass 
candle holder white so it would fit in better.

Thanks for stopping by! 

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