Thursday, August 13, 2009

Been Busy!

Sorry for the lack of posting, I have been super busy packing and getting ready for the move. Only 11 days left! sure hope I will be ready...LOL
On a scrappy note, over at Scrap Around The Clock, we have a new forum. Michelle has been working hard to make a wonderfully fun place for us. Come check it out!!! And remember, my first design team reveal will be on the first...I'm so excited!!!
Other scrappy news, over at Spunky Scrappers the new design team is getting ready to be revealed. I'm excited to see who they are and all their spunky creations. Come on by and get spunkified! Pin It

Sunday, August 9, 2009


Remember my post "crying"? When I was whining about the malfunction of my newish camera...well...I'm a nit wit! I had been whining to my hubby for a week about it. After listening to me for a whole week, he finally asked "could it be the SD card?"....ding...ding...ding....I had never even thought of checking that! And wouldn't you know it....he had to be right! I got harrassed ALL day about not checking that first. Anybody want a husband? I have one for FREE!!! LOL Pin It

Sunday, August 2, 2009

So Exciting!

Michelle over at Scrap Around The Clock Challenges has invited me to join her Design cool is that?! She sets a theme and list things we can and can not use to challenge us. There are three groups of Design Team members, and each month we will rotate between layouts, cards, and ATC's. My first reveal will be September 1st, the theme is Love. Come on over and join to see what I come up with. Also play along...I would LOVE to see what you create!!!

See you there! Pin It

Saturday, August 1, 2009

I've been TAGGED!!!!

Sandra over at What's All The Brew-Ha-Ha has tagged me! Thanks Sandra!!!
This is the first time I have been tagged, and it's exciting! I'm suppose to list 6 non-important things that make me happy. Though I don't think anything that makes my happy is non-important...but here's my list!

1. Scrapping - I love to manipulate paper, mixing different colors and textures to see what I can create.

2. The coast - I LOVE sitting on the beach with the breeze from the waves blowing in my face, taking in the smell of the salt air.

3. My scrappy groups - Isn't the web just fantastic? Permitting us to make friends all over the world without leaving our homes.

4. The Wishblade - A personal cutting machine which gives me the freedom to design and cut my own paper piecings.

5. Green grass - I love the feel of it under my bare feet.

6. Last but not least - Naps! LOVE...LOVE...LOVE my naps! LOL

And now, I get to tag 6 wonderfully talented people!

1. Jenn at I Scrap Memories
2. Emily at Through Emily's Eyes
3. Brianna at Jill of all craft tradez
4. Molly at Life is What Life Does
5. Abby at Abby's Garden
6. Vicki at Vicki's Artistic License Pin It


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