Friday, April 3, 2015

Shabby Chic Heart Wall Hanging

Lately I get so excited when I get a chance to finish a craft project. Like most artists and crafters, I have heaps of projects to complete. And the pile just keeps on growing!

I think I have figured out why it takes me so long to finish one creation. I usually make all my own little embellishments for my projects. So there's designing time, painting time, drying time, gluing time...and on and on.

Anyway, on to the shabby chic heart wall hanging.

I dyed some seam binding for the bow. Wrapped white floral tape around some wire and made little curly ques and adhered crystal beads to the ends. I made all the little pearl flower embellies, as well as, the paper rose. You really can't see the bling spray in the pictures, but I took thick fishing line and strung crystal and pearl beads along it, gluing them in place so they wouldn't slide. I even made the string of pearls....ok...not really...LOL!

I also made the stick pin and pearl dangle. I had so much fun making every thing for this heart.

Thanks for stopping by!
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Friday, March 13, 2015

Where does time go?

Oh my gosh, time has flown by this last year!  Not to mention, I hit a mile stone last month. I turned 50. OMG 50!!! How did that happen?

Let's see, where to start to do a fast update of the past year. Not a lot has happened, as we are very boring home

This past summer we almost lost my hubby. He was taken in for emergency surgery for a herniated bowl blockage and during surgery he aspirated. The inside of his lungs got burned up from all the stomach acids and he was placed in an induced medical coma and placed on a ventilator for 4 loooong scary days. He spent another 11 days in the hospital recouping. We were really blessed! The doctors told us that only 1 out of 4 survive what happened to him.

The next big event was buying a house. We sold our last house and moved to the coast saying we were going to enjoy apartment living where we didn't have to do any maintenance and spend a lot of our free time on the beach. Here we are 5 years later buying a handyman fixer upper....ugh! Talk about time consuming...this is it!  lol.  Really, it is a great house with awesome potential. It looks like a small little cottage from the front, but it is huge. Almost 2000 square feet.


With no curb appeal! That will take a little bit of time. I invision a country cottage garden, a porch swing on one side of the porch and a sitting area on the other side. I need to focus on the inside first.

The first thing I've tackled so far is the outdated kitchen cabinets. As we can't afford to rip them out at this time, I decided to give them a good sanding and do a very labor intensive distressing technique. Never did I think it would take as long as it did! Hubby removed the built in ovens and stove top. We installed all new stainless appliances...yay! So far we just have the cabinets done. 

Cabinets before

Cabinets after
Can you tell I'm just a bit of a shabby country gal? lol. These look so much better in person.

Next to tackle is installing the butcher block counter tops and back splash tiles.

Now on to a couple crafty projects I've completed. First is a twine star. I'm sorry I don't remember who I got the idea from to give them credit.
I glued craft sticks together in the shape of a star. Once dried, I glue some twine to create a hanging hoop then began wrapping the start shape.
I continued wrapping and wrapping adding glue to hold it every few wraps until it was done. Then hung it up.
It measures approximately 16 inches.

Next, I made two rag garland banners to drape over the windows in the craft room. Each measures just over 3 feet long. I cut my fabric in 2 x 22 inch strips. I absolutely LOVE them!
A reveal of my crafty space will come once I have it all put together.

If you are still following along after my year long break....THANKS! hopefully I will start keeping up better.
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