Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Tractor Tipping

I'm sure you are all familar with the Disney Cars movie. Well this is one of Dax's all time favorite, from the movie, to the books,  to all the toys they produce. We counted just the Lightning McQueen toy cars he has...11...now why does one lil boy need 11 Lightning McQueens?, not to mention all the other vehicals that go with it.

If you have watched the movie, your aware of the part about tractor tipping. Dax's all time favorite part of the movie. He says "did you hear that tractor fart?", then he cracks up laughing. Well, Leapfrog has a book for the Tag Reader based on that part of the movie. Dax reads this book daily.

So when I found out this weeks DT requirements was to base your project on a book, I knew I was going to do a layout about Dax and this book.

I had bought the Disney Cars character cartridge almost a year ago with the intentions of making decor for his bedroom walls...well....that never happened...lol.  I used it for the first time making this layout, and let me tell you...I may NEVER again use this...LOL. Most of you know that I am legally blind and have to use a magnifying glass to do the majority of my paper piecing. OMG! there are so many lil teeny tiny pieces to put these characters together, even with the magnifying I was having issues seeing where they went and was just about pulling my hair out! I think it turned out really cute, but, I'm still not sure I put all those pieces in the right spots...LOL!


I have also used this layout for a couple of this months challenges over at Scrappin-N-Chattin. One which was to use a well know character on a layout, and then there is a new yearly challenge going on called 52 Week Challenge. This is an AWESOME challenge! we have to upload one layout a week, each week throughout the year. Those who wanted to participate signed up and provided $15 into a pot which will buy the prize goodies at the end of the year to a random drawn winner. So many had signed up, I think the last I heard the pot was at $250.  Now that is gonna be one hellofa goodie prize! Come join the group and follow along to see who wins....we would love to have you in the group! Pin It

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Helen said...

Fab LO - those cars look great!
Helen x


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