Monday, June 22, 2009

Cute Monkey Blog Award

Check out the adorable blinkie I made to give as a blog award. It's on my sidebar....cute huh? Know of any crafty scrappy blogs that deserves an award? If so, click the follow button to follow me on my scrappy journey and post their blog address in the comment field and I will check them out...I will let them know YOU are the one who thinks their blog deserves an award.

If you receive the cute monkey blog award, you can freely pass it along to other blogs that you think are awesome. Just copy the code.

Come and join in on the fun of spreading the cute monkey award! Pin It


The Lewis Family said...

That is most def a cute monkey for sure :D

eaelec said...

I love this idea. Well done!

Darla said...

I definately have to nominate Mel for this award!!! Her tutorials are AMAZING and so easy to follow!! She has a great blog with TONS of great ideas and links to other great blogs and ideas. Her site is:

What a great idea!!!! Thanks

nikkinix said...

I've sincerely enjoyed and I'd like to nominate them for the cute monkey award :) Cool idea and very cute monkey. I'll be on the lookout, there are a few more than come to mind, just have to find them!!

nikkinix said...

Ahhh yes is another fave ;) Totally deserving of the Cute monkey Award!!


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