Sunday, September 21, 2008


I had been dreaming of getting a Wishblade, but the funds were just not in my budget. Then one day in my email inbox, there was a message from KerrvilleCroppers, my local scrapbooking group. One of my scrap sisters was selling her Wishblade. What a deal!!! Oh please don't let anyone snatch it up before me! I hurried and sent a reply...Me, I WANT it!

I waited to receive a reply. Then it came...I GOT IT!!! However, it was going to be a month before we met up to make the exchange of money for machine. That was a long month, I dreamed of all I was going to do with it.


For the first 3 days, I threatened to throw it out the window! Now I know I'm not the brightest crayon in the box, however, I'm not the dullest either, and I love a challenge. But I just couldn't figure the thing out. The user manual was USELESS!

So I turned to Yahoo Groups. I found and joined an awesome group, the easywishbladers. In a matter of days, they had me up and running and creating my own files. That was all it took...I am now ADDICTED!

I sell my files now at

Check out my HUGE sale, every file is only .25 cents!

I will post some samples later.


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Beach said...

Gosh gal you are leaps and bounds ahead of me....I am so new to this I don't have any of that stuff. No cutters or machines here yet. I know the time will come but for now I am being simplistic till I learn more! That is awesome you got the machine!!!! :) Heather


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