Saturday, May 31, 2008

The Discovery

I was admitted to the hospital and under went a slue of tests. Yep...I had a stroke, they didn't make a mistake!

I learned that only 1% of stroke victims have the type of stroke that I had. The stroke was in the Opcipital Lobe of the brain, which is why my vision was affected.

What had caused this?

It was discovered that I have a mutation in my blood which causes it to clot. I had had a silent heart attack and the blood was pooling and clotting in my heart. One lil adventurous clot decided to break free and take a journey.

I was so very fortunate! I felt normal. I didn't have any speech problems, no paralyzes, and only a bit weaker on the left side. I just couldn't see right. Pin It


Beach said...

Will all this improve or is the damage permanent? :) Heather

Theresa said...

It is permanent. It will only get worse. Meaning I will lose what sight I have.


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