Friday, October 16, 2009

Digi Stamps

Do you love digi stamps? I have recently stumbled upon them...and I must say I love them! If you are a card maker, digi stamps are for you! They are so easy to work with without the mess of inks. You can fill them in with markers, chalks, or water colors. I picked up a couple from my friend Diane over at DZ Doodles. She has some cute stamps. Here is what I did with some that I had gotten.

Isn't Santa Frog just the cutest? I imported him into a program and added the "Hoppy Holidays" My mom collects frogs so I thougt it would make a cute Christmas card...well when I get it finished it will.

And then there is Toby Turtle. I just LOVE him! This is such a happy colorful card. I used a wet marker technique on my digi's. I scribble markers on a piece of transparency then use my aqua pen to pick up the colors. It gives a water color effect.

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Michelle said...

These cards are just so adorable!!
I love the titles you used!!
I made a digi one for the 1st time a week ago! I used water colors too! I use wet markers once in awhile for small scrapbooking projects! Looking forward to seeing some more of your cards!
Have a great week!

Queenie said...

Gorgeous he is so cute!!!
Will pop by the shop for a looksie thanks.


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