Sunday, May 3, 2009


So Saturday was National Scrapbook Day and I played ALL day at an online live crop with my yahoo group Memory Scrappers. Jenn, the groups owner, planned a fun day of games and challenges. And I won!!! actually, I won 2 gift baskets (each valued at $50.) and a small surprise gift...what a lucky day!!!! Here is what I accomplished Saturday.

We had to use at
least 4 differnt
colors for the card

For this one, we had to use a song. I had never scrapped using a song before so what did I come up with? The monkey song! lol you know....10 lil monkeys jumping on the fell off and bumped his head...LOL For those who know us...know that we can't go any where without Monk. Dax drags this thing ALL over!

For this challenge, we had to
use the words "The Best"

For this challenge, we had
to use a sketch.
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Beach said...

Looks like fun!!!!


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