Saturday, November 29, 2008


I came across an advertisement in
a scrapbooking magazine for a site
called Smilebox, so I went and checked
it out. I thought it was very COOL
and thought I would share my
creation with you. I made books
of each of my grandchildren. It was
very easy to use and FREE! The
hardest part of it was deciding which
pictures to use.
You can email them, blog them, or
print them. After taking a look at mine,
go to and
make one of your own. There are hundreds
of items to choose from. Let me know if
you add it to your blog, so I can check it out. Pin It


babybs said...

Tea thanks for sahring. What a great idea, Smilebox, and what adorable little ones!

Beach said...

I use them all the time, it is a great way to send pics to grandparents who don't live near you.
:) Heather


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