Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Scooby Doo...Where are you?

Dax is going to be Scooby Doo for Halloween. I got his costume and tried it on him. It is so darn cute, I just had to share it with you.

I just love this close up!

He was looking down at the tag,
so it looks as if his head is completely covered.
When I showed him this picture, he said "look
the puppy has my cup" I laughed so hard!

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Beach said...

My DD 21 months kept saying bear bear while sitting in my lap....she needs to watch more scooby doo I think he he he. He looks too cute! My girls' are going as Hanna Montana, a ballerina, and a pretty sunflower witch.
:) Heather

Mary HK said...

oh my gosh, that is soooo cute. My hubby and I live in Hong Kong (13 yrs now) and I miss out on all of the cute halloween costumes that my nieces and nephews have...wahhhh....

Yvonda said...

That is the most awesome picture. I love it! Too cute.


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